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Florida Nature: Florida Birds
a rare albino cardinal bird seen at a bird feeder in FloridaFlorida has at least 480 verifiable species of birds. Florida bird habitats range from isolated islands of the Dry Tortugas to remote interior swamplands and our increasingly numerous suburban backyards. Florida is home to both year round birds and birds migrating here to find refuge from their snowy homeland winters. Over 175 bird species are known to breed in Florida and almost three hundred birds migrate here in the fall spring or winter months.

Birds are the most colorful of all the vertebrates. Their coloration varies widely, not only from species to species but also within the species itself. Male and Female birds often have different colors of feathers, as do adults and their young. A bird's coloring may also change from season to season, adding to the difficulty of indentifying birds and properly classifying them. Sometimes identifying a bird in flight, checking the speed of the wing strokes as well as the pattern of flight, can assist you in recognizing a species of birds.
Bird watching is a great hobby in the state of Florida. Many of the nature vacation locations we have listed in our index are great spots for watching birds and other wildlife. Florida also has the Great Florida Birding Trail, a network of 489 sites throughout Florida selected for their excellent bird watching or bird education opportunities. This 2000-mile, self-guided highway trail is designed to conserve and enhance Florida's bird habitat by promoting bird watching activities, conservation education and economic opportunity.

All of Florida's native birds are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and are also protected under state law, and may not be trapped or killed without federal permit. Endangered and threatened species are additionally protected. There are many things you can do to promote more birds visiting your back yard or garden. Maintaining a bird feeder is a great way to learn about birds and their behavior. Plus the birds will appreciate it!

We have divided our birds into several categories. Simply click on the name of the bird to get complete information and photos of each species. Since there is an almost limitless number of Florida birds, we have selected the top birds in the state. For further information on birds, you may want to purchase a book from our Florida Nature Library. Don't miss our "Florida Birds" slideshow set to music.

Common Florida Birds
- Blackbird| Cardinal| Gray Catbird| Carolina Chickadee| Brown Headed Cowbird| Mockingbird| American Robin| Loggerhead Shrike

Sandhill Crane | Whooping Crane

Game Birds-
Northern Bobwhite | Turkeys

Loons- Common Loon | Red-Throated Loon

Owls -Burrowing Owl | Barn Owl  | Common Screech Owl |  Barred Owl | Great Horned Owl

Raptors- American Kestrel | American Swallow-tailed Kite | Crested Caracara | Florida Snail Kite | Peregrine Falcon Eagle | Osprey | Red Shouldered Hawk | Red-Tailed Hawk | Sharp Shinned Hawk|  Short-Tailed Hawk

Shorebirds- American Oystercatcher | Black Skimmer | Least Tern | Black Necked Stilt

Songbirds- Bachman's Sparrow | Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow | Cerulean Warbler | Eastern Bluebird | Florida Grasshopper Sparrow | Florida Scrub-Jay | Painted Bunting | Wood Thrush

Vultures- Black Vultures|  Turkey Vultures

Wading Birds-  American Bittern | Roseate Spoonbill | Wood Stork | White Ibis| Great Blue Heron

Water Birds- American White Pelican | Anhinga | Brown Pelican | Limpkin

Waterfowl- Mallard Duck| American Coot|  Muscovy| Wood Duck| Florida Mottled Duck|

Woodpeckers- Ivory-billed Woodpecker | Red-cockaded Woodpecker | Pileated Woodpecker | Red-Bellied Woodpecker|  Downy Woodpecker|  Common Flicker

Wrens & Swift- Carolina Wren| Sedge Wren|  House Wren| Chimney Swift
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